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As-salamu alaykum 


Ramadan Mubarak! 


All of us at IQRA’ International Educational Foundation wish you and your loved ones a blessed and fruitful Ramadan. May Allah swt make for us this a month of peace, reflection, and spiritual growth! We, moreover, ask Allah swt to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic! We wish to take this occasion to thank you for the dedication and support you have given this unique organization. 


Al-Hamdulillah, 2019 was a very busy and productive year for IQRA’. By the grace of Allah and your support, we were able to pay off the loans we took from Devon Bank and Downtown Islamic Center that helped in much-needed building renovation. 


We also completed the textbooks and workbooks, grades 1 to 3, of our new IQRAWISE program. We plan to complete grades 4 to 6 in 2020, insha’Allah. The IQRAWISE program is garnering very encouraging reviews, and many schools are planning to introduce it in their classes. 


We also plan to revive the IQRA’ Online Academy in 2020. This project was shelved due to a lack of funds. Still, the urgency of the current pandemic and resulting school closings remind us to be proactive. If the IQRA’ Online Academy had been up and running, it would have been beneficial for children to continue learning about Islam at home. 


We eagerly appeal to you to join hands with us and generously donate to the cause of acquiring and disseminating Islamic knowledge. We pray for the safety and security of everyone in these difficult times. Please keep IQRA’ in your du’a! 


Thanking you in advance, 

Tasneema Ghazi Ph.D. 


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