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You will be given the number to call, and then you will watch a record of the person's phone activity in the service's software. You can also get emails about calls and texts. This is the best way to see who you are talking to, and what they are doing. 2. Set up voicemail for your mobile device. Since you will be using a voicemail service to answer your phone calls, you must be sure that you have a voicemail. Set up your voicemail before you get into a precarious situation. You can even call the person you will be talking to, and have them say their name and number so you can remember. Then, when you are using the voicemail, you can have the message say, "Hello caller, this is Karen Smith and this is my cell phone voicemail number." This way, you will not miss messages because you were using the mobile device. 3. Have a Cell Phone Number for Emergencies. It is a good idea to have a different number for your phone than your normal mobile device. This way, when you need to use it, you will remember it. And, if your cell phone is stolen, the authorities will know it is yours. If you are worried about someone stealing your cell phone, get a tracking device that has a unique ID. If the police find your phone, they will know where it is. You can use one of the online companies like I-Lock Wireless to track a phone. 4. Make a Call to "911". There is a number you can call to have the police and fire departments come to your aid if you have a situation that needs the authorities. It is always a good idea to make the call as soon as you have the situation. When you make the 911 call, you will have the help you need if your cell phone is stolen. 5. Do Not Use Free Texting Apps. Some people are using the texting feature of mobile devices to find lost children. They send a message to the child's phone with a picture, and when the child has the picture, they can come home. There are other cell phone apps that are being used for nefarious purposes. You must understand that the app has an algorithm that will find the phone. The person using the app will be able to see the number of the mobile device that was sending a text. If they find the person using their app, they will know where the phone is. 6. Do Not Use Apps to Block Your




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