IQRA’ WISE is a unique Islamic Studies series that offers 5 subjects in 1 book! This program takes a fresh approach to Islamic curriculum in the elementary classroom. This second textbook of the series promotes critical thinking by using structed and engaging lessons and captivating graphics. Second graders will build on concepts from first grade, students are taught that a part of a Muslim’s identity is to always tell the truth, love Allah’s creations, and be responsible children. The textbook also emphasizes our duties to Allah including details on how to pray Salah and the five pillars of Islam. In second grade students are also able to learn the beautiful history of Prophets Ibrahim, Ishaq, Ya’qub and Yusuf (A); with a continuation of the sirah of Rasulullah (s). IQRA WISE navigates students through complex concepts by keeping content age appropriate and following strict readability guidelines to ensure students are able to read and comprehend the text on their own. Continue the series and let your students fly in the skies with IQRA’ WISE!

WISE - Grade 2 - Weekend


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