Make it a great earth day!

  • We conserve energy at our office by turning off the lights when we leave a room (prayer room, copy room, bathroom)

  • We recycle our office paper and plastics

  • We agreed to no longer use paper products (paper cups and plates) when eating lunch.  Each member brings in his or her own plate, glass and mug in order to reduce waste

  • We equipped our kitchen with appliances (electric kettle and toaster oven) that use considerably less energy than a conventional oven.

  • Many of use laptops instead desktops to conserve energy

Earth Day Hadith:

Islam teaches mankind to respect and care for all of Allah’s creations.  Rasulullah (s) has said,


“If you have a sapling, if you have the time, be certain to plant it, even if Doomsday starts to break forth.” [31]

“Whoever plants trees, God will give him reward to the extent of their fruit.” [32]

“Whoever reclaims and cultivates dry, barren land will be rewarded by God for the act. So long as men and animals benefit from it He will record it for him as almsgiving.” [33]



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