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IQRA' Curriculum

IQRA’s Islamic studies curricula are written by certified teachers and administrators currently working in the field.  What sets us apart from other publications is the attention to detail we give when developing textbooks for children.  

To assist schools with the momentous task of establishing a sound comprehensive curriculum, IQRA’ has developed two tracks of Islamic Studies. 

Two Tracks of Islamic Studies 

Every school is unique.  Individual school goals, resources, demographics, time and space all play a role in identifying a program that best suits a school's needs.  As a solution, IQRA' has designed two tracks of Islamic Studies to assist schools in curating a program that works best for them.      

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Full-Time Curriculum 

  • Extended program is divided into 4 textbooks and 3 workbooks (includes a separate book for each subject).  

  • Includes more detailed content and lesson extensions.  (For example, there are 30 lessons of sirah vs. 6 in the condensed program)

  • Program is based on in-depth learning vs. hands-on learning. 

  • Includes teacher’s manuals

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Weekend Curriculum 

  • Condensed program is divided into 2 textbooks and 2 workbooks (subjects are combined into one book for simplified teaching)

  • Weekend program allows for a free period for hands-on character development learning. (Learn more about IQRA’ WISE Textbooks)  

  • Creative learning templates are built into the workbook to simplify lesson planning. (Learn more about IQRA’ WISE Workbooks

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Both Curricula 

  • Cover same topics in the same order

  • Students walk away with equivalent essential knowledge (however, full-time track has more details). 

  • Both focus on building identity, Tarbia, charter, and follow the guidelines of Qu’ran and Sunnah. 

  • Tracks are created by educators that ensures the curriculum is comprehensive and follows the same standards, scope and sequence, and readability.

  • Lessons are ideal for a 45 min. class period over 30 weeks. 

How Curricula Tracks Differ

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Curriculum Pricing 

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Full-Time Books

We Are Muslims TB = $13

We are Muslims WB = $8

Sirah and Hadith TB = $13

Sirah and Hadith WB = $8

Prophets of Allah TB = $8

Juz 'Amma TB = $16

Juz 'Amma WB = $9

Total = $83 / student 


Weekend Books



Juz 'Amma TB = $16 

Juz 'Amma WB = $9

Total = $50 / student

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IQRA' Programs

Character Development Curriculum = $2200 Includes: 

  • K - High School Curriculum

  • School Documentation 

  • Program Training

  • Certified Teacher Program

Training & School Consulting 
Prices based on hours of training (call for free consultation) 

* TB = Textbook       WB = Workbook    

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