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Simple tips for Parents and Teachers on preparing for the first day of school.    

By: Samana Khan  




  • Build Excitement: Start building excitement for weekend school early; don’t wait until the night before. Talk to your kids about the importance of having a valuable Islamic Education.


  • Get Involved: This year make it a goal to help out in the school. Don’t just make weekend school a drop off site; staying dedicated to your volunteer tasks and connected to an Islamic community is an excellent example your children will follow.


  • Assist the Teacher: If helping every Sunday is not feasible then offer to assist the teacher for a special project / class event. Or donate money to the classroom so that teachers can purchase much needed supplies.


  • Establish Islam at Home: Work together to instill important Islamic values in your children.  Remember your child is only in weekend school three hours in the entire week. A majority of your child’s time is spent at home learning from parents.  Use the week to expand on Islamic concepts taught in school.  Allow your child to teach you what she has learned and encourage her to practice these values everyday.


  • Treat Schools Equally: Teach your child to be as responsible with weekend school as he is with public school.  Ensure homework and projects are completed with care and submitted on time. Before school make sure your kids are well rested, eat a healthy breakfast, wear clean and appropriate clothing, and are prepared with supplies and assignments.





The first day of school always creates feelings of excitement and nervousness for both students and teachers.  Help ease the first day jitters with a little organization and creativity.


  • Get Prepared: Use the last few weeks before school starts to look over the textbook and curriculum.  Get a head start by using this extra time to make your first four lessons now before things get hectic once school opens. Be sure your lessons are creative and engaging to maximize learning. 


  • Have a plan for the first day of school:


  • Start by introducing yourself - bring three objects that represent you (ex. a family photo, your work badge, a souvenir from a recent trip). This helps students build a connection with the teacher.


  • Play a game to get to know your students: pre-school and kindergarten can make colorful name tags; 1st and 2nd grade can draw a picture about their summer vacation, 3rd + can play “Student Scavenger Hunt” or “Step Right Up” – (view templates online at


  • Discuss class rules and expectations.  Pre-K – 2nd grade: should practice their daily routine (sit at their desk, keep their hands to themself, and stop and listen when a teacher gives a special signal); Grades 3 – 5: students work together to decorate a large poster with pre-made teacher rules. Students should read the poster and sign their name when done. Grades 6+ should work with the teacher to develop class rules and expectations. 


  • Fun with Reading: Pre-K – 3rd grade: read a fun story out loud (either a small Islamic lesson or a story about the first day of school) Grades 4+ preview the textbook.  Have students look over the textbook, find and discuss interesting pictures, ask questions about the table of contents, have each student choose one topic that seems most interesting, write the topic on a post-it and post on the class board.  

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